Industries and businesses need to process data at various intervals, and a workflow is required to help process a sequence of tasks. A workflow describes how a task will go from a position of being undone, to in progress and actualization.

At cyberlator, we operate a very organized sequence in our performance in accomplishing your business plan through predefined rules laid down by the different development teams. This organized sequence is in place in ensuring that we offer quality at every phase of the Product development. Here is the path we follow in getting a proper flow to fly;

Careful Analysis of Resources Required

Each development (engineering, product, test) team takes out quality time to identify the best resource that will be required in building up your solution by; talking you through the process, taking out time to understand the problem, analyzing the problem, and coming up with credible solutions for the problem. For instance, if you want to build a Fintech solution, we would reach out to your finance team to really understand the problem they battle and what they expect from us in development, we then analyze our findings and come up with a credible solution. In an instance where you have a startup idea with no team on the ground, we take the time to analyze the market, probable competitors and then draw out the best solution for the product.

Structure Tasks to be Implemented

When each team at Cyberlator is done gathering relevant resources, the team leads structure, and assigns each task in order of its relevance to the project. This structure is a guide to drawing out a proper workflow for the product

Create Workflow Diagram

Once we have done satisfactory groundwork, we then structure out a workflow diagram. This diagram gives you a visual representation of the flow we would take in actualizing the product. We are a very transparent organization, we fill you in with the workflow and also the user journey so as to get feedback from you and keep you in sync with whatever startup solution you have entrusted in our hands.

We Test The Workflow

As soon as the product team presents whatever workflow will be needed for the product, other development teams involved in following the flow come together to review and analyze its tenacity. We come together and gather feedback on the proper way the workflow will fly. If there is a need, we make a few adjustments, prepare the final workflow, and structure the product based on this flow.

Deploy Our Workflow

When the workflow is deployed, it serves as a guide for each person to follow. That we deploy a workflow does not turn off the fact that workflows can be adjusted, we are dedicated to delivering the best solution for your startup ideas, if at any point an adjustment must be made to attain a more structured flow, we make that adjustment in time. Planning and implementing a project can be overwhelming, that is why at Cyberlator we have an organized team to map out a proper and effective workflow path for Products.